Hello Everyone!

Hello readers! It’s been a while. As most of you can relate, the last few years have been a whirlwind of stress and severe burn out. I reached a place where writing had to take a back seat because the stressors of life took up every inch of space. After taking a break and learning to fill my own cup again, I’ve slowly been picking up writing again. There are some fun new stories in the works, I hope to share them with you soon.

For anyone experiencing mental fatigue and burn out- prayers to you. It is a real issue, especially mental fatigue. Having a brain running at 100% at all times, trying to remember to do all of the things, while combating internal monologues along the way of what you are or are not doing well…is rough.

I had to have a come-to-Jesus with myself and get back to basics. The top three things I started doing was aggressive sleep hygiene, saying no to more things/ learning to protect my peace at whatever cost, and planning 1-2 days a month of what I call “fuck around” days. “Fuck around” days are where you plan to have no plans and see where the wind blows you. Lie around in your pj’s and eat peanut butter? Randomly go to an art exhibit or new book store by yourself without having to check in with anyone? Try a new restaurant and take a good book with you? Consider it done. It is a date with yourself. A time to just be with yourself, to not have to think and to nurture your childlike wonder.

These may not be for everyone, but I share for those who might need it. They helped me get to a place where I could even begin to think about my health and wellness. Sometimes the well is bone dry and we don’t even have the wherewithal to wrap our fried noggins around where to start. Sometimes we need baby steps to work our way back to giving a fuck. For me, the first two steps kind of went hand in hand. Saying no and protecting my sleep time. If you’re feeling fried, instead of trying to aggressively fix the issue, maybe just ask yourself what is one thing I can start doing for now?

What has helped you recover from extreme burnout?